Traffic Management for Auckland Roading and Utilities

You focus on your projects – we’ll focus on your safety.

We know the nature of your work can be urgent, variable scale, and critical to the public. If your traffic company is slow or late you run the risk of major delays which not only affects you but the people in the wider community. Because of this, we have staff specifically trained to work on sites just like yours. These staffs know that your site needs to be set by a certain time so that your power shutdown can go ahead; that your reseal work is going to move locations throughout the day; and that if your gas or water connection is not completed by the end of the day you’re going to have one irritated customer at the end of the line.

In addition, we also have the support and understanding to assist with fault work and emergency call-outs. We have crews working 24/7 in order to meet the demands of the industry.
Clearly, a trustworthy and reliable traffic management partner is vital to your success. Evolution has a proven track record and many years of experience with the roading and infrastructure network so your project is safe with us.

Auckland Traffic Management for Construction

You focus on your site – we’ll focus on your safety.

We understand the complexity of your project means the smallest delays can cause serious repercussions. We also understand that your teams’ and the public’s safety is paramount and the ability to provide productive safe work zones is the critical delivery from your traffic management provider. Because we understand this we have grown stable teams who have the knowledge and experience of these large project requirements. These crews ensure you are onsite working as quickly and safely as possible and that any changes required through the shift are managed efficiently without introducing risk therefore increasing your work time for each day/night.

In addition, we have a planning and invoicing team to ensure you not only get the paperwork you need for each shift but that they’re delivered in a timely manner along with the invoice. We’re happy to work with whatever requirements you have for closure sign-offs and invoicing deadlines.

 Traffic Management in Auckland for the Filming Industry

We know how much you have riding on your shoot, and that even the smallest delay can cost you a lot of money. Filming is a high-pressure environment and traffic management should be the least of your worries.

With over 12 years of experience in the industry and filming the reason our company started, we have the skills and understanding to ensure your traffic management requirements are met. We have a strong TMP design team who can turn around TMPs quickly but also have a great relationship with the councils so you don’t have to wait for approval to shoot. Along with this, we have a team of specially trained STMSs who know what to expect on film sites and will help your day run smoothly.

Traffic Management for Events

We understand it takes you months to plan your event, and that budgets can be tight. The quality of your traffic management can make or break the success of your event, as we are the first and last people your customers will encounter.

Successful event traffic management hinges on having knowledge on every facet of your event – from how tight to make a turn on a cycle course to managing crowds in a way that keeps both people and traffic moving. Miscalculations in these areas can lead to dangerous situations at worst, and irritated people at best.

We ensure that every aspect of your event is managed with the highest level of safety and professionalism. From course mapping, traffic management diagrams, public notification, and event staff equipped with customer service and conflict management training. In addition, the partnership created between Evolution and Red Badge brings with it a large, highly trained workforce. With the experience and support from Evolution, you can be sure your event will run safely and efficiently.

Traffic Management


What is and when do you need a Traffic Management Auckland plan?

A Auckland TMP is a map that outlines the work that you are wanting to carry out.  You will need this most likely anytime that you are going to do an activity that varies the normal operating conditions of a road.

What information is required to complete an Auckland traffic management plan for a traffic management consultant?

You will need to provide information such as the work you are wanting to undertake, how you want it to be done, vehicle movements, pedestrian movements, contractor details, client details, length of project, up to date location with pictures, street address or pin drop of the location, dates of starting the work and end date and hours worked daily and a Purchase order number.

Where is the Auckland traffic management plan submitted?

OurAuckland  TMP team will submit it to the local council or TMC of the networks they look after for government roads.

What is an Auckland construction management plan?

This is the scope of works from the client and how this will fit in with TMP.

What does a TMP designer do?

They create a diagram that is the most suitable, compliant and safe tool for a successful project to work.   

What is a traffic management plan (TMP)?

A TMP can be used for many things from emergency works to potholes, civil works to construction sites. The plan allows clients to fix/create something without putting people in harm’s way.

What is traffic control management related to Auckland?

Traffic control management manages traffic and pedestrian flows and the effects of congestion on the roading network.  It aims to allow work to be carried out compliantly on roads while taking into account safety of road workers, the public and to minimise delays.

What components makeup traffic control management?

There are lots of factors taken into account including but not limited to communication devices, traffic signals and equipment (signs and cones), detectors for sensing vehicles and people, road workers, vehicles, client education, TMP and compliance.

What is the cost to set up a traffic control management system?

The cost will differ depending on what project you need completing along with the type of resource required and road level that the work is to be carried out on.  Our TMP team will design this appropriately and help you with understanding this.


How do I choose a traffic management company in New Zealand?

Evolution Traffic Management Ltd has many years of experience, and a strong track record of safety and compliance. Based Nationally they will have the right solutions for your requirements and will assist in creating the right tools for you and your Team.